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These Old Hollywood Oscar Dresses Will Make You Yearn For The Past

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15. 1959: Ingrid Bergman
Ingrid Bergman's return to Hollywood to be a presenter at the Academy Awards in 1959 marked the end of her 10-year absence from the States. Bergman left for Paris after the backlash from her affair with director Roberto Rossellini grew too intense. It was so severe that in 1957, when Bergman came back to the screen in Anastasia and won an Oscar for her portrayal, she didn't attend the ceremony. Instead, her friend Cary Grant accepted the award on her behalf.

When Bergman walked on stage in 1959 to present the Best Actor, she was met with applause louder than for any Oscar winner. For the momentous event, Bergman wore a demure and girlish knee-length dress in pink and green. The top featured cap sleeves, and the bodice was embroidered with pink, yellow, and green flowers. The A-line skirt was a soft pink hue, and was accented with a chartreuse bow at the waist. 

"Time has mellowed the movie colony. Ingrid's subsequent divorce from Rossellini — an unpopular man in Hollywood — and the fact that she won an Academy Award two years ago for Anastasia have turned the tide of sentiment in her favor," wrote Galesburg Register-Mail in 1959. "Producer Jerry Wald, who sweet-talked Ingrid into appearing on the Oscar show when he was in Europe last summer, said the actress will be accompanied by her new husband Lars Schmidt, with whom she is now living in Sweden." Both Bergman and her dress were applauded in headlines the next day.