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These Old Hollywood Oscar Dresses Will Make You Yearn For The Past

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26. 1968: Audrey Hepburn
In 1968, Audrey Hepburn was nominated for Best Actress for her work in Wait Until Dark, and while she didn't win,  she walked across the red carpet in the most beautiful empire waist Givenchy gown. The dress was ahead of its time, and perfectly captured the Mod movement. This  pearl-and-flower-encrusted gown featured a sweet bow on the chest that offset a bold cutout at the chest, making it look like she wore a vest sans shirt. 

Hepburn is known for her life-long relationship with designer Hubert Givenchy. They started their partnership in her movie Sabrina, and the designer went on to create some of her most iconic red carpet looks. She constantly referred to the designer as her "best friend" while he called her a "sister."

Hepburn enjoyed her Oscar dress so much that she saved it in her closet and wore it again in September for one of São Schlumberger's balls, who was a legendary Parisian socialite and hostess. Hepburn arrived to the soiree with Givenchy himself, giving her Oscar dress a second whirl.

While the midriff was bold and the pearl-encrusted fishnet bodice was playful, it was also outside of the norm for the label. Givenchy's 1968 aesthetic adopted the youthfulness of late '60s fashion. "Givenchy had been watching the direction the winds of fashion are blowing — toward nudity or at least a semblance thereof," wrote UPI from Paris after seeing the designer's latest collection. "Even some of his little daytime suits had sheer georgette or chiffon blouses over tiny flesh-colored slips. By night, Givenchy was one of the leaders in the trend toward bare skin, especially on the midriff and back." Hepburn's 1968 Oscar dress showcased that perfectly.