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These Old Hollywood Oscar Dresses Will Make You Yearn For The Past

7. 1949: Loretta Young
In 1949, Loretta Young arrived at the Oscars in a whimsical gown. The lace dress consisted of floral embroidery that was outlined in thick lace around the hips and down the pleats. Reflective polka dots fell down the skirt like confetti, and the back had a taffeta bustle that captured the glamour of Old Hollywood designs. While she wasn't nominated for any awards that evening, Young was spotted hugging her friend Jane Wyman over her Best Actress Oscar for the film Johnny Belinda. 

While Young had three acclaimed movies in her long career — The Farmer's Daughter, The Bishop's Wife, and Come to the Stable — she stressed that her expertise was in funny, light films rather than in serious roles.

''My appeal wouldn't have been to the intellectuals or the neurotics. Nor to the shop girls and secretaries —that would have been Joan Crawford's market," Young told Edward J. Funk, co-author of an unpublished autobiography. "But there were an awful lot of women out there who were like me — who were willing to play by the rules, didn't sleep around and were very aggressive. A Loretta Young movie had a happy ending; that's what it was geared to: a nice husband, nice lover, no abuse of any kind — that's what the heroes and heroines were in those days.'' It was what she excelled in, and what she loved to make.