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These Old Hollywood Oscar Dresses Will Make You Yearn For The Past

8. 1953: Liz Taylor
A 21-year-old Elizabeth Taylor and her husband, Michael Wilding, showed up arm in arm to the 1953 Oscars. That year Taylor's aptly titled film, The Girl Who Had Everything, hit theaters, and Taylor showed up to the Academy Awards in a ruffled light pink gown. Decades later, the dress was found by an antique enthusiast, who was on her annual antique road trip with a girlfriend when she saw the pink dress hanging on a wall by two nails in an antique shop. When she looked at the label of the dress, she saw the typewritten name "Elizabeth Taylor." She bought it for only $20! 

It's believed that Edith Head designed the dress, who was also the designer behind Taylor's 1951 movie A Place in the Sun, for which Head would win her fourth Oscar for Best Costume Design. The dress came with what was thought to be a hand-beaded bustier and a matching hand bag that Taylor wore to the Oscars, which was not included in the $20 find. The bustier helped to make the ruffles on the chest pop, creating a frothy, whimsical silhouette. At the Antiques Roadshow, the dress was appraised for $4,000.