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15 States Americans Don't Want To Live In Anymore

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20. What's Not To Love About North Dakota
North Dakota is a rural state. Its largest city is Fargo, with a population of just under 120,000. Rural states, including North Dakota, have long faced a challenge trying to retain young, educated individuals. Often, kids born and raised in these remote areas leave to go to college, and they don't return. Job opportunities are better elsewhere, and so is the climate.

Plus, North Dakota doesn't offer much cultural diversity. In a 2017 article in High Plains Reader, North Dakota Safe Zone spokesperson Faye Seidler wrote: "North Dakota has sent a very strong message that LGBTQ+ individuals are not welcome or protected here; that supporting family members of LGBTQ+ individuals should not seek work or education in our state." Just one more reason why people don't want to live there.