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15 States Americans Don't Want To Live In Anymore

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14. What's Not To Love About Kansas
It's been a struggle for Kansas for maintain its population for years. An article published in the Emporia Gazette as far back as 1896, chronicles the loss of residents in the state. The author, William Allen White, laments: "Not only has she lost population, but she has lost money. Every moneyed man in the state who could get out without loss has gone. Every month in every community sees someone who has a little money pack up and leave the state. This has been going on for eight years. Money has been drained out all the time. In towns where 10 years ago there were three or four or half a dozen money-lending concerns, stimulating industry by furnishing capital, there is now none, or one or two that are looking after the interests and principal already outstanding." 

Perhaps even back then people struggled with lack of employment opportunities and boredom. After all, there's not much diversity in the landscape — no beaches, very few natural lakes, and no mountains to conquer on a bike or to ski on in the winter.