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All The Things You Need To Know About Dolly Parton

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Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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Her signature blonde hair, dazzling smile, and...ahem...voluptuous proportions have made Dolly Parton one of the most recognizable musicians in the world. But she’s about so much more than her larger-than-life look. Her charming personality, quick wit, tenacious spirit, and remarkable voice have won the hearts of millions worldwide. She’s risen from humble beginnings in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to become one of the most glamorous and successful country singers of all time.

And while a lot of famous singers shoot to stardom in their youth and fizzle out later in their careers, the Queen of Country isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, now that she’s in the sixth decade of her career, the 74-year-old is just warming up. She recently donated $1 million to COVID-19 research, which helped fund Moderna's vaccine development. And she launched a weekly reading series as part of her Imagination Library project where she reads children's stories to give families "a welcome distraction during a time of unrest and also inspire a love of reading and books." 

Singer, composer, producer, actress, author and philanthropist — Parton does it all. She’s also inspired generations, her story of motivation and fearlessness blazing a trail for hardworking women everywhere. Let’s take a look at some things you might not have known about the legendary Iron Butterfly and highlights from her incredible rags-to-riches story.