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'Antiques Roadshow' Tells Us Their 20 Favorite Antiques Over The Years

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12. Charles Rohlfs Music Stand, ca. 1905
Appraised Auction Value: $40,000-$60,000

"This piece was given to the current owner’s great-great-uncle when he was a doorman in New York City by a tenant who was moving out. The family always called it a music stand, although the owner was unsure if that is the intended use of the piece. Brunk confirms it is indeed a music or portfolio stand, one that stylistically bridges the gap between Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts style and was made by Charles Rohlfs in Buffalo, NY around 1905. It is understandable that the owner was unsure if it was really a music stand, since Rohlfs intended for the piece to be something people puzzled over. The owner’s husband wanted to put it in their fire pit because of the poor condition, and before giving the valuation Brunk notes “Your husband's going to have a hard time living [that] down after this, I think.”