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'Antiques Roadshow' Tells Us Their 20 Favorite Antiques Over The Years

3. 1884 Schmitt et Fils "000" Bebé Doll
Appraised Retail Value:  $16,000 – $18,000

"This doll has been in the owner’s family for over 50 years after her parents bought it for her while antiquing, although she was never allowed to play with it as a child. The owner assumed the doll to be valuable because it still had original clothing, so after inheriting it she took it to a “doll hospital” that she describes as “kind of creepy...the dolls were all in pieces, and they were all staring at you because they're all hanging on the walls. And it was very dark, it was just not pleasant.” The doll was appraised for $16,000 there, and then was later appraised for $3,000 at an antique show that offered to purchase it on the spot—Harris points out that it is very unethical to offer to buy an item while also appraising it. The item is a French bébé doll, made in the 1880s by Schmitt et Fils of Paris. After hearing the appraisal, the owner expresses regret for scoffing at the original $16,000 appraisal from the 'doll hospital.'"