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'Antiques Roadshow' Tells Us Their 20 Favorite Antiques Over The Years

5. Folk Art American Sea Capt. Portraitm 1790
Appraised Auction Value: $8,000-$10,000

"The subject of this family heirloom is thought to be Aaron Delano, the owner’s fifth great-uncle. Over the years, the family has decided the painting is haunted—the owner shares recollections of hearing footsteps originate from the painting in an otherwise empty hall. When taking the painting down to bring to ROADSHOW, the ladder slipped under the owner’s husband and the first thing he said was “oh, Aaron!” Haunted or not, the painting is an American oil on canvas painted in the 18thcentury. The artist is unknown, as many artists of this time were itinerant. Farmer raves that the piece is “very extraordinary in terms of what appeals to people who collect Americana and folk art.”