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'Antiques Roadshow' Tells Us Their 20 Favorite Antiques Over The Years

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Antiques Roadshow is PBS' most-watched ongoing series and is currently in its 22nd season, which is easy to believe if you watch the show. It's entertaining, intriguing, educational, and gives us all a little glimmer of hope that the heirlooms that we've been passed down (and will pass down again ourselves) could be worth a pretty penny someday. 

Over the course of the series, a LOT of antiques have been appraised, no doubt. It seems impossible to pick the most memorable items, but Antiques Roadshow and Liberty Mutual Insurance have just curated a list of some of their favorite appraisals from across the country. 

The list of 20 contains the highest-valued memorabilia appraisal in the show's history and plenty of other fascinating antiques. Take a look and get inspired to know the value of your valuables — you never know!