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Dogs truly are the best companions. They are loyal, aim to please, and are always overjoyed when they see you. Every home should have a dog, especially once the kids have left home and/or you've retired and you find your place is a little quiet and lonely.

Maybe you've had dogs all your life or maybe you're like me and never thought you had the time to devote to a dog while you were busy working and raising kids. Either way, after 50 is a great time to add a furry friend into your life.

After all, there are also many dogs out there in need of a companion — just go check out your local shelter or with rescue group. We firmly believe in giving a rescue dog a forever home and even if you're not ready to commit to a dog, there are plenty of other ways to help dogs in need. Here are 10 reasons to adopt a rescue pup then 10 ways to help if you're not quite ready to have one of your own.

When you adopt a rescue dog, everyone wins.