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While all dogs are adorable, certain decades saw a rise in popularity for different breeds, making some dogs more stylish to own than others. All sorts of things influenced the shifting trends, from what movies came out, to what kind of pups celebs adopted, to what was going on in economy and politics at that time. It wasn't always as simple as walking to the pound and picking out whichever dog made the biggest love eyes at you.

These days, we encourage anyone looking for a new pet to love to check out their local shelter or rescue. There are tons and tons of adorable animals in need of forever homes. And even if you're looking for a specific breed, there are often breed-specific organizations that can help facilitate the adoption of that type of pup.   

But now we are looking back on the most popular dog breeds from the year you were born, along with explanations on why they got a spike in popularity. See exactly why we moved on from a terrier obsession to Labrador fixation as the years passed! Do you remember your friends and family members having these types of dogs over the years?