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Sometimes, you just need to get away. Whether you're feeling pressure at work, stressed in your personal life, or just bored of your routine, you need to escape every now and then to hit your reset button.

While there are many reasons people take vacations, they all have a common purpose: to take you out of your daily routine. Maybe you're there right now, in desperate need of a change of pace and looking for a way to take a vacation.

But what if you can't take a long time away from work or family obligations? Or what if you can't afford a week or two of an expensive vacation? How do you get away from it all and recharge your batteries?

Fortunately, there are many last-minute travel opportunities, from great deals on full, week-long vacations to shorter, quick last-minute trips. Here are 15 ways you can get away at the last minute for a break from the routine. We have your budget in mind, too, so read on for inspiration for your next last-minute vacation — and tips to save you money at the same time.