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16. Get In-Salon Conditioning Treatments
Coarse, dry hair needs a little extra TLC, and while at-home masks work, the treatments you get in salons pack more of a punch.

"Why have you not heard of this? Because stylists might not be educated on how to properly care for gray hair. Another reason is clients may think we are 'up-selling' them when we offer a treatment. Yes, we are! But it's because your hair feels like dried-out straw and your hair desperately needs one!" Romero explains. "These hair masques/ deep conditioning treatments put much-needed moisture back into your beautiful gray hair. At the minimum, do one on your own at home every month — every two months if you tend to have oily hair."

If you want a high-quality one, Romero recommends buying Paul Mitchell's Marula Oil Hair Intensive Masque, which you can buy at a salon.