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There's a gray hair movement going on right now, where women are being encouraged to embrace their silver streaks and wiry locks. More and more women are taking the "one year challenge" to transition their hair from dyed to completely silver, and there is no end to the supply of inspiring images of ladies rocking their natural hair color. But what happens if you're in the boat that doesn't want to go gray? What if you look forward to your salon appointment every other month, and love experimenting with highlights and chatting with your long-term hairdresser?

What if you have been going blonde since you were 16 and don't plan to stop anytime soon? Don't worry — you don't have to join the gray hair movement. Every woman should be free and happy to do as she wishes, whether that's loving the wiry silver grays across her roots to wanting to cover them up with a little bit of bleach. But your hair is much different now than it was when you were 30, meaning there are whole new rules to follow when trying to take care of it. From switching your old hairsprays to no longer taking scalding hot showers, ahead are haircare tips if you DON'T want to embrace the gray.