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Let's face it, things change as you age. And some of the changes are great — but others, well, maybe not so much. As you age, skin can become more transparent as it naturally thins. It can develop dark spots as well. So when choosing nail polish colors, you want to keep these things in mind so you don't bring unwanted attention to them.

Above all, it's always fun to change up your nail color regardless of your age. Who says all the young kids should have all of the fun when it comes to nails? There are lots of exciting trends coming out of the nail world (shellac etc.) and you should give them a try — it's just nail polish! Have fun experimenting and see what you like best. 

Here are 30 color ideas to consider the next time you go for a manicure. We've chosen some "safe" colors that you've probably tried before and then others that are bold and different, but absolutely worth trying too.