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Here's a common scene for a dog owner: You are trying to eat and there is this pup that you love, staring up at you. So, you cave in and share your food — it just doesn't seem possible to say "no". 

But before you become a sucker to those sad doggie eyes again, it's important to know which foods are actually safe for your dog to consume. Some people food is safe and even healthy for your dog, but there are lots of other foods that can be very harmful — it's not just chocolate you need to avoid. 

The following are the foods your dog should never eat, even when they beg. Some of them are incredibly toxic to our four-legged friends, and some can lead to health issues if given too frequently. Either way, we hope you think twice about feeding your pup human food after reading this list. Your dog might not thank you right away, but you'll both be better off!