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Decorating my home for the holidays is one of the fun traditions I love about this time of year. Unpacking my old decorations is like a trip down memory lane. As I unbox things, I think about when I got the decoration and reminisce about holidays past. Some of my decorations were my grandmother's and those bring even more fond memories of holidays at their house many years ago.

So, of course, I always want some of those traditional decorations around, but I can't help wanting to buy new items each year. It seems there is always something I fall in love with that has to be added to the collection. And I like to change things up a bit each year too. Some years I use more traditional colored decorations, some years I use pink, silver and gold, and sometimes I focus on a palette of neutrals with a punch of color. That's one of the good things about amassing a large collection of holiday decorations: changing it up each year.

So how will you decorate with this year? Do you have a style you love? Is it all about the shine and glitter — or do you love warm and traditional?

There are so many great choices out there and here are some of our favorite holiday looks from Instagram to inspire you.