1. Mixie
Rescuing a dog can require patience, both in finding the right dog for your life, and patience to help that dog overcome their past. The love and patience you put out will reward you many fold, as in this story:

"We adopted Mixie in October 2017. We had been looking for a second dog for a month, and we were having some trouble finding a good fit for our home. We visited the @wellandspca and that’s where we found Mixie. She was dropped off the night before and wasn’t even processed in their system yet. She didn’t come with much of a back story- all we know is that she came from an unstable home and was dropped off late at night. 
Mixie was very timid at first. She jumped at loud noises and cowered when she thought she was in trouble. It took a lot of love, playtime and training to finally break her out of her shell. Now, she is an energetic and playful monster. She spends most of her day running around and then cuddles up with us at night. She still hides behind me when she meets new people, but it doesn’t take her long to open up and start giving sloppy kisses. 
Mixie reminds us that good things come to those who wait. We almost gave up on adopting a second dog because we couldn’t find a good fit for Jackson. But we went into the SPCA only hours after she was dropped off. It feels like we were meant to be. She balances our crazy pack, and she brings so much love into our home. She keeps us adventurous and young at heart. I can’t imagine why someone would give her up, but, I’m so glad they did because it brought her into our lives."