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When you are a dog lover, it's hard to imagine how anyone could mistreat a dog. They are such loyal, loving companions, yet all too often we hear of dogs who are abused, neglected, and abandoned. Some of the lucky ones find their way to shelters and rescues where they are given a second chance at a happy ending when they are adopted into good, loving homes.

These stories are just the best. Not only do we all love a happy ending, but all these stories are real, heartwarming testament to the good people out there who are willing to give a dog a chance at life. Many of these pups have great obstacles to overcome from their past trauma, and it's wonderful to hear about adopters who work through it and show unconditional love to their rescue dog. 

Get a box of tissues — these stories will have you shedding a few tears of joy for these fortunate animals and their loving owners.