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We love our dogs. They love us unconditionally. And, they make us laugh and smile. Because, well, dogs can be downright adorable! That little head tilt, the under bite, the way they can look like they are truly grinning ear to ear! They have a way of snuggling right into our hearts.

But did you know that recent research is finding that a dog's facial expressions are its way of communicating? A study published in Scientific Reports shows that a canine's facial expressions are "not just inflexible and involuntary displays of emotional states, but rather potentially active attempts to communicate with others."

You probably already understand your pooch's non-verbal communication. For example, you know when your dog gives you "that look," they are looking for your attention, your love, and affection. No wonder they win over our hearts!

So whether it's pedigree pooch, designer dog, or regular ol' mutt, you can just look at pictures of dogs and their cute expressions and we know they are talking to us. It's always validating when science confirms what we know intuitively. And on top of that, they do funny things and use various behaviors to get our affection. Look at the following adorable mutts, their cute facial expressions, and silly antics, and you can't help but understand their language.