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Finding the right dog is like finding the right partner. You shouldn't base your selection on looks alone, just as you wouldn't pick a life partner based on appearance alone. And if you've ever ventured into the world of online dating, you know a big part of the process is a self-evaluation and assessment of what you are looking for. You should do the same when choosing a dog.

Consider your temperament, your personality, how much time you want to spend with a dog, and what you want from the relationship as well.

And, although a dog's personality will be unique, there are specific breed characteristics that can help guide you in finding your perfect dog match. Because after all, like any relationship, both sides have needs that should be met. Make sure whatever dog you choose, you are willing to meet that dog's true needs.

When you find your breed match, remember there are also breed specific rescues that you might contact to adopt a pup. That way, not only are you helping a dog in need, but you might be spared the puppy stage if you're not looking to run around after an energetic young dog. And the rescue should help with knowing the dogs individual personality and assess if it is a actually a good pairing for your lifestyle.